Boxing Fitness 2.0

Are you ready to enter a new dimension with Efight ?
What if your training was more Efficent ?
What if your training was more Rewarding ?
What if your training was more Interactive ? .

Our goal

Create and provide the most advanced way of practicing kick-punch and fitness sports opened to everyone boosting efficiency, motivation and fun.

Become the world-class referent in connected kick-punch and fitness equipment and social network.


Who We Are

Laurent Freytrich, CEO Founder and CEO of Moorgtat Energie 18 years of experience in sales and marketing Black belt 4th degree in Viet Vo Dao Instructor since 2000

Hervé Dang, CIO Co-Founder of INTERNET (2000) and IF5 (2010) 16 years of experience in web dev and web marketing, gamification, building and monetizing online audiences Social web and mobile applications development


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